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Short story writing

In 2020, the short story "Unique in its kind" won the 2nd prize in the Jean-Jacques Robert de la Nouvelle competition.


The 11th edition of the Salon du Livre et de la BD d'Ile-de-France will take place outdoors, on June12 and 13th 2021 in the Parc de Villeroy in Mennecy.

"Unique in its kind" evokes with lightness and humor the uniqueness of each individual, the particularity of each and the struggle to be accepted in a society that pushes us to enter into the norm.

Single despite himself, André Ygon was offered by his father, desperate not to have grandchildren, a seminar to learn to kiss. Against all expectations, André meets the beautiful Beatrice with big eyes. Yes, but here is the problem : André has a very embarrassing feature that he doesn't dare telling Beatrice ...

This competition is organized by the city of Mennecy within the framework of the Salon du Livre et de la BD d'Ile-de-France.

The short story is published in the 2021 collection of the Prix Jean-Jacques Robert de la Nouvelle.

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